About Me...

Born and raised in a small town in Indiana, I dreamed of seeing the world.  As a freshman in high school I went to Europe for the first time and I knew traveling the world would be an important part of my story.

I had the honor attending the University of Notre Dame and graduated with a Bachelor of Science with a Concentration in Business in 1997.  I loved my Notre Dame experiences and was a Manager for the famous Fighting Irish Football team during the Lou Holtz Coaching era.

After college, I moved to Houston Texas and spent the next twelve years in the corporate world. My corporate career covered all aspect of sales including cold calling locally to national accounts and managing a sales team. During this time, I learned the concepts of Relationship Marketing and the. “Fortune is in the Follow Up” and that successful salespeople and businesses do this best.

In 2006, I started my own business and then started a second business in 2009 – that same year I left the corporate world to pursue an entrepreneurial path so I could choose how, when and where I work and play.

From the lessons I have learned on my journey. I help business people to build better relationships in both their personal and professional life.  Through my Finding Joy in the Journey blog. I share my experiences with others and inspire people to find and live their great life. 

I love meeting new people, experiencing life to the fullest and traveling the world.  I am a speaker, author and entrepreneur.

  I am Callie Teegardin.