Day 1,077 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Thursday – 10/15/2020

I grew up believing in traditional roles in a marriage. Not so much as what I was told, though what was modelled to me by my parents. It worked for them. I’ve learned that everything that worked for my parents aren’t always the same things that work for me. It doesn’t make one way good or bad, they are simply different.

I love that in my marriage with Steve we can look at the world differently and what makes sense for us. That’s a great partnership and marriage.

Day 1,076 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Wednesday – 10/14/2020

Day 1,076 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Wednesday – 10/14/2020

Catching up with friends has taken on a whole new meaning this year.

I Can’t believe it’s been over a year since the four of us sat around a table enjoying a meal after a couple of great dives. We may not know yet when, though we know our next journey is out there.

It is in the knowing that gives us the hope to push through. It is our dreams that fuels us through strange, odd and unexpected times.

Day 1,075 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Tuesday – 10/13/2020

Day 1,075 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Tuesday – 10/13/2020

When I awake in the morning, I always look forward to my first cup of coffee. At home, I have a Jura that grinds the beans and makes one cup at a time. I didn’t even like coffee until I received the machine from my parents as a gift. On my travels, I’ve found that is something I often miss. So, what a treat this time to have this fancy machine in our Airbnb – I’ve never seen anything quite like it though a fresh cup is made each time. It’s the little things like a cup of coffee on demand that bring me joy in my daily routine.

Callie`s Yoga in Quarantine

Day 1,074 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Monday – 10/12/2020

Even though I must spend two weeks in quarantine, I decided I still needed to be able to work out during this time. I am so grateful my YogaSix studio in Sugar Land, Texas offers a daily virtual class. Once a day, I turn our Airbnb living area into a yoga studio! Thanks, Yoga Six!

Day 1,073 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Sunday – 10/11/2020

We found a lovely Airbnb for my stay in England. Steve and I are the first guests of the new owners and the place is absolutely lovely. It has a wonderful patio and paddock so we can stretch our legs.

Traveling to England during this pandemic requires me to stay in quarantine for two weeks. I’m so glad we found such a quaint place to stay. It was nice to get out of the “house” today and soak up the warmth and beauty of a fall day on the patio.

Day 1,070 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Thursday – 10/8/2020

I’ve felt a little bit helpless and hopeless over the past few months. Not seeing Steve Clear for over 7 months was really starting to drain on me. So just over a week ago, I booked a flight to London so we could be together again. Sometimes you just have to make an informed decision to do what is best for you and your loved ones.

Day 1,069 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Wednesday – 10/7/2020


What an absolute honor to be nominated for SendOutCards Affiliate of the Year among such a great group of nominees.

I feel blessed to be part of this company and to be able to make an impact on the lives that are being touched through the opportunity, the SOC system and through the thousands of cards that are sent out every day.

Our Annual Convention is a month away and is a virtual event this year. Though I get to attend live in person with this group of nominees and some of our top leaders. I feel truly blessed.

Day 1,068 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Tuesday – 10/6/2020

I believe in having some splurges for yourself. Things that others may think are a little overboard, though for you, they make me happy.

One of the things that makes me happy is having my eyelashes done. I love how much more defined my eyes are with lash extensions. It might seem a little funny though it also gives me a little more confidence, kind of liking where heels!

Curious, what’s one splurge you do for yourself that makes you happy?

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