Day 1,056 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Thursday – 9/24/2020

As I walked home tonight from my friends, I knew my destination. As I looked at the sidewalk, it took twists and turns that I couldn’t see though I know if I follow the path, it will lead me to where I want to go. It reminded me that life is like this in so many ways. Many times, we know the destination of where we want to go, and we must stay on the path even though we can’t see all the twists and turns.

This is very much how I feel with Steve’s immigration process. We don’t know all turns we will still encounter, though we know the destination is him being here in Texas and we have faith it will happen.

Day 1,053 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Monday – 9/21/2020

I am a lucky girl! Steve made sure that a gift from England, fresh flowers and a card all arrived on my actual birthday! That’s impressive with him 5,000 miles away. He knows what my birthday means to me and has always made it a big deal, even before we were dating! I absolutely love my beautiful new octopus necklace that I received this year. Thank you Steve for being an amazing hubby and making me feel loved and special!

Day 1,051 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Saturday – 9/19/2020

Ha ha ha!! My friends know me so well. And WOW!! What a birthday is was. Over 600 messages, posts, stories, and texts. 80+ cards. Lots of amazing gifts. Flowers and a gift arriving at the perfect time from my hubby. Special love from my sisters. A fun day of golf and taco night with my golf buddies. I really feel blessed by all the love that was showered on me on my birthday. I’m overwhelmed by it all. So, thank you my friends. I love you all! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Day 1,049 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Thursday – 9/17/2020

As I was in the grocery store, I noticed the Halloween candy is out. Yum! I had to pick up a bag of my favorite Fall Candy – Brach’s Autumn Mix! I’ve loved this mix since I was a kid. And it must be the mix of all three. I don’t really like any of them on their own. It’s something about the mix that makes me smile. Every year at this time I have to pick up a bag. Curious, what’s your favorite Fall candy?

Day 1,048 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Wednesday – 9/16/2020

I love having a lake behind my house. I realized with golf and yoga it has been a long time since I spent time walking it. Today was a beautiful day to do just that. No headphones, no music, no podcasts – just being present in nature. It is where I do some of my best thinking and idea creating! Curious, where do you get some of your best ideas?