Day 1,020 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Wednesday – 8/19/2020

I love that yoga is considered a “practice”. It’s not about winning but about showing up. It’s about being present and in tune with your body. It’s learning that some days your body is at a different place than it was the day before for different reasons. It doesn’t make the practice better or worse, just different. If we showed up to more things in life and treated it as a “practice” would life be easier? Would would be more self-forgiving and self-loving. Would we be more present in the moment? Yes, I believe so.

Day 1,018 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Monday – 8/17/2020

The 2020 Virtual Relationship Marketing Grand Summit is just over 3 weeks away! What an absolute honor to be invited to be a workshop presenter this year. I spent the better part of the afternoon working on my presentation – “30 Minutes to Your NEXT 100” – So what does an ear of corn have to do with it? I guess you’ll just have to be there to find out.

Let’s have some fun!! Comment Below with a 1 if you are attending, a 2 if you want more info and 3 if you are seeing this and just want to say Hi!!

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Day 1,015 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Friday – 8/14/2020

It’s been six months since I was last in your arms. I never thought we would be apart this long. I know we tried to control it with a plan of seeing each other every month though sometimes the best laid plans get highjacked.

I may not be able to hug you though I am grateful for video chat and the importance we both put on spending time together even when we are 5,000 miles apart. I don’t think either of us had any idea what the immigration process entails and from my conversations, very few people do unless they have been through it.

When I wake up each day, I know we are one day closer to being in each other’s arms though we don’t know what day yet that will be. So, we have to wait until we hear our next step in this process. Even though we are far apart, my love for you is just as strong as the day we stood on the beach and said, “I do.” I love you Steve Clear and I’m glad you are part of my journey. I don’t know why we have to continue to wait, I just know, the wait will be worth it!