Day 1,036 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Friday – 9/4/2020

I love the Texas sky! My mom always talked about how the sky was bigger in Texas. Aren’t all things bigger in Texas?

What a great day to be on the golf course. We got lucky, there were storms all around, though they missed us. We were at the right holes at the right time.

Day 1,035 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Thursday – 9/3/2020

I love the mornings when I wake up before 6 AM, without an alarm clock. For me, there is something magical about the morning hours. I feel so productive and full of energy before lunchtime. It’s definitely when I get my best work done plus I get to see beautiful sunrises like this.

Curious – are you a morning person or a night owl?

Day 1,034 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Wednesday – 9/2/2020

One of things I have implemented since being home because of Covid and traveling a minimal amount is to always have fresh flowers in house. It’s something that makes me happy and brings a smile to my face as I walk by. Just a little touch to enhance my life. I used to not splurge on flowers as I thought it was frivolous as they don’t last that long.

I’ve learned I enjoy picking a bunch out at the grocery store, bringing them home, arranging them in the perfect container and then doing it a week later when part of them die though others still have life. It soothes me and brings joy to my life on many levels.

I’m curious…what’s something that once seemed frivolous to you that now brings you joy?

Day 1,033 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Tuesday – 9/1/2020

To improve a skill, one must practice. It’s not convenient to go do the driving range on a daily basis. Instead, I now have a chipping range in my own back yard. You would think hitting a ball into a big white bucket would be a lot easier than it seems. Though with practice I know I will become better and more precise.

What’s a new skill in business or in life that you are practicing right now?

Day 1,032 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Monday – 8/31/2020

Mailbox love! Always fun to see what surprises show up. It’s so fun seeing your friends become authors! I’m excited to read your book Gail Armatys – perfect timing. And I’m excited about my golf marker Erin Baer – will be ordering your book right away. And then a special card from my husband Steve who always makes me feel special and loved. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing and wonderful people in my life. Thank you all for the love!

Day 1,031 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Sunday – 8/30/2020

As we continue to practice a skill (let it be golf or anything we want to get better at), we begin to become more consistent. As we become more consistent, we may not initially see it in our results, though if we stay at it, the consistency will pay off and our results will change.

Whenever embarking on a new skill or practice, I find I want the results now. Though I’ve learned if I keep practicing and honing my skills, consistency will come followed by the results – not the other way around. I believe we sometimes give up on things too fast as we are not seeing the results we want. When I focus on consistency, over time, the results will take care of itself.

Day 1,030 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Saturday – 8/29/2020

Wow! What a treat to taste this 2015 Del Dotto The Beast. I fell in love with wine in my 20’s. I didn’t just drink it, I also read books and learned about it and found my preferences. I was blown away by this wine. Full bodied, hints of dark fruit and a smooth finish. Definitely one to remember!

Day 1,028 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Thursday – 8/27/2020

Beauty day! I’ve learned it’s important to pamper ourselves from time to time. Today was a hair appointment and a pedicure. In the past, you would find me on my phone answering emails and messages during this pampering time. It seemed like I always had so much to do. I had so much to do because I never stopped to take time for me. To walk away. Because when you take time to walk away from work, you come back refreshed and more productive. It works exactly the opposite of what I always thought. Part of finding my joy is taking time for me and stopping and doing nothing as I am pampered. What you about you? Do you find it hard to stop and just enjoy?