Day 1,027 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Wednesday – 8/26/2020

I am proud to be a woman and I am proud to be an American. I am grateful for the women who went before me to help give me the rights I have today. 100 years ago, women in the United States were finally given the right to vote. 100 years ago, seems like a long time though when my grandmother – Dorothea Teegardin – was born, women did not have the right to vote in this country. It’s amazing things that we take for granted now, were not possible a couple of generations ago.

I salute the women who fought to make it possible to give me the right to vote. No matter where you stand in politics, I encourage us all to vote and have our voice heard.

Day 1,026 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Tuesday – 8/25/2020

Preparing for Hurricane Laura to come into Texas and Louisiana, I looked into my refrigerator and realized a trip to the grocery story was much needed. Ha ha! Usually the day before a storm, there is hardly anything left at the store. It was nice to find plenty of water. And toilet paper. I guess most people are already stocked up because of the pandemic that seems like it is never going away. I was grateful to find what I need and am sending prayers out to all those in the path of this storm.

Day 1,025 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Monday – 8/24/2020

One of my greatest lessons in my journey is the notion of “staying focused on my own mat.” So many times in life, I want to compare my journey, my success, my everything to someone else. Though life isn’t about comparison. Life is about showing up as the best you and the only way to do that is stay focused on your next step and not where someone else is on the path.

In our culture, there is so much messaging about becoming “the” best versus being “your” best. When we focus on becoming the best, we can find ourselves unfulfilled because of the things most important to us that we sacrificed – our relationships, our health, our sanity. Instead if we focus on being our best, the focus becomes more inclusive of all things that are important to us.

This concept took me years to learn and even to this day, I need a reminder. When I am focused on being “my” best versus being “the” best I realize the importance of self-care, self-love, taking time off and loving others for where they are on their own mat/journey.

Day 1,024 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Sunday – 8/23/2020

Celebrated our good friend’s birthday with a round of golf, swimming and corn hole. I grew up with a swimming pool and sometimes forget how much I love playing in the pool. Our other friend’s 10-year old daughter was there and it allowed me to bring out my inner 10-year old with water gun fights, handstands and how long we could hold our breath underwater. Sometimes we have to nourish our inner child and just have fun like when we were kids. I’ve found it’s good for my soul. Curious, what do you like to do to bring out your inner 10-year old?

Day 1,020 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Wednesday – 8/19/2020

I love that yoga is considered a “practice”. It’s not about winning but about showing up. It’s about being present and in tune with your body. It’s learning that some days your body is at a different place than it was the day before for different reasons. It doesn’t make the practice better or worse, just different. If we showed up to more things in life and treated it as a “practice” would life be easier? Would would be more self-forgiving and self-loving. Would we be more present in the moment? Yes, I believe so.

Day 1,018 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Monday – 8/17/2020

The 2020 Virtual Relationship Marketing Grand Summit is just over 3 weeks away! What an absolute honor to be invited to be a workshop presenter this year. I spent the better part of the afternoon working on my presentation – “30 Minutes to Your NEXT 100” – So what does an ear of corn have to do with it? I guess you’ll just have to be there to find out.

Let’s have some fun!! Comment Below with a 1 if you are attending, a 2 if you want more info and 3 if you are seeing this and just want to say Hi!!

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