Lessons I’ve Learned-Day 997-Finding Joy in the Journey

Day 997 – Finding Joy in the Journey – Monday – 7/27/20

important lessons I’ve learned on this journey.

As I approach 1,000 days in the Finding Joy in the Journey, I have been reflecting over some of the most important lessons I’ve learned on this journey.

One lesson I’ve learned is that you have to make/find time for the things that are most important to you. We all have 24 hours in a day and how we use them is up to us.

I used to think it if I wasn’t busy every minute of every day, then somehow I must be failing in life. I’ve learned that a big part of living is being present and enjoying life. There is a fine line between enough and over doing.

When I take time to stop, enjoy life and be present; the time I choose to work is so much more productive. It is in this, that balance can be achieved. I wanted to believe there was no such a thing as balance in life. Though throughout this journey and in my travels to other cultures, I’ve found that my time off is as important at my time working. When I feel less productive, I’m usually trying to do too much. When I slow down and focus on the most important things in my work, my life and my relationships, everything else seems to take care of itself.

In other words, when I give time to the things that matter the most to me, everything else in my life flows in a nice balanced rhythm.

 important lessons I've learned on this journey.

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About “Finding Joy”

And I’m off…. the 16-day adventure begins. The timing of this trip is interesting so I’m naming it “Finding Joy in the Journey.” I’ll be doing one dedicated post each day (at the end of the day or next morning). Since I typically post more than once a day, you’ll find it as a black and white photo. I’ll share the joy of the journey (on the trip or through this season), where I’m finding it and what I’m learning. I hope to inspire myself along the way. And if I can inspire others too, that would be a gift. So let the journey begin…

It was November 2017 and I was ready to head off on a sixteen-day trip.  Nine days before leaving, my mom unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack. It shook me to my core.  I had always been told the 40’s are the best years of your life.  And in a matter of three years, since turning the age of 40, I had gone through a divorce and lost both parents. 

I contemplated canceling the trip though I knew my mom would not be happy with that decision. She would want me to continue living my life.  My parents did not raise me to sit back and watch life; instead to fully participate in every moment. So I promised my parents to find joy in the journey everyday on my sixteen-day trip and share my experience with others. 

Little did I know what “Finding the Joy in the Journey” would turn into when I acted on the prompting to share my experience on a daily basis.  It helped me see life differently and my wish is that it will inspire others find joy in their journey.


From the lessons I have learned on my journey, I help business people to build better relationships in both their personal and professional lives.  Through my Finding Joy in the Journey blog, I share my experiences with others and inspire people to find and live their great life.  I love meeting new people, experiencing life to the fullest and traveling the world.  I am a speaker, author and entrepreneur.

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