I thought I had done it all right. I went to college, got a great education, went into the corporate world and was doing really well.  Except one day I woke up and I was miserable, absolutely miserable because my boss and my company owned my life, I was spending 70% of my time on the road and I had 10 days of vacation a year.  And if you know, me that so didn’t work for me.

So, I was looking for something. I ended up starting a business part time alongside my full-time job and in that business, I had customers.  I knew the importance of staying in touch with my clients to build the relationship which leads to increased sales and referrals.  My mom raised us as card senders, and I knew sending cards to my clients would make an impact. However, it was extremely time consuming since I was still working fulltime.

I came up with this great idea to hire my neighbor’s mom to send out all of my birthday and thank you cards.  A couple of months into that great idea, one of my clients who was also one of my friends called me up and said she got my card.  Great!  And then said. “well that’s not your handwriting!” and I knew in that an instant a good gesture had gone wrong.  So I was looking for a new solution.

A few months later I found SendOutCards and knew it was the answer to my prayers.  I could send a card from my computer or my smart phone, add a photo if I wanted and even send it in my own handwriting and signature.  When I hit send, SendOutCards would print, stuff, stamp and mail the card for me. I could send one card at a time or send a custom card to an entire group of people.  This system completely changed how I stayed in touch in both my personal and professional life.

Originally, I didn’t plan on building SendOutCards into a business.  I decided on being an Affiliate instead of a Customer because I recognized I knew a few people who could use a system like this, and I could simply get my system Paid4.  That was July 2009 and by being part of SendOutCards, it has changed my life and my relationships.  It was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.

If you are looking for one or more of the following….

            -Enhance your relationships personally or professionally

            -Increase sales

            -Increase referrals

            -Implement an easy and impactful follow up system

            -Create an extra stream of income


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