How do you define success in your life??

Are you thinking success is defined by your next promotion, a bigger house, a new car, making more money? Are you finding the fulfillment and joy as you accomplish those goals or does it never seem to be rewarding or fulfilling enough. Callie Teegardin shared a new way in defining Success in your life at the Boston Relationship Marketing Summit in June 2018. In light of people searching for more, Callie shares lessons from her life including a time when she was just ready to give up. From the heart, real and vulnerable. Sometimes it takes a shift in how you look at things. 

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• Speaker, Callie Teegardin – from the lessons she learned in Corporate and the trials and errors she has made as a business owner, she shares her experiences with others. Callie specializes in helping sales professionals and business owners with networking skills and follow up so they can build better business relationships.

• Topics: Sales, Networking, Relationship Selling, Sales Targets, Understanding Know, Like & Trust

• Speaking Style: Informative. Energetic. Humorous.

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